"Review: The Savage Radley gallop through the rural south on ‘Kudzu’" B-Sides and Badlands

"Singing about hometowns and one’s upbringing is a tale as old as time. From such standards as Johnny Cash’s rendering of “My Old Kentucky Home” (a Stephen Foster original) and Dolly Parton’s “My Tennessee Mountain Home” to modern hits like Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me,” Dierks Bentley’s “Home” and Little Big Town’s “Boondocks,” roots can be well-plotted and thriving in supple, nourishing soil. But too often, roots are lodged in barren, sickly flakes of earth, ignored by their caretakers and left to survive on their own. When they do break the surface, finally, they are far more robust and sinewy. It is from that dire but paramount place Shaina Goodman approaches her band’s debut album." - Jason Smart, B-sides and Bandlands

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